Town Hall

Old Town

Town Hall

13th century

The municipal headquarters of Corneto dates back to the 13th century and is located on the previous layout of the fortified walls, testifying to the expansion of the town around the churches and convents of the mendicant orders that emerged outside the town walls. Part of the first town walls (coinciding with the modern layout of Barriera S. Giusto, corso Vittorio Emanuele II, and Alberata D. Alighieri) is the tower located inside the palace, dating back to the 10th-11th centuries. It has a square plan with stone masonry and is internally divided into floors. The building has two fronts: one facing Via S. Pancrazio and the other, the main one, facing Piazza Matteotti. The municipal headquarters predominantly showcases the original Romanesque style with some Gothic elements. Despite several subsequent restoration and expansion interventions, it still maintains a sense of uniformity. Notably, the 16th-century interventions were significant due to a fire that severely damaged the structure in 1476. This resulted in an extension on the building’s west side and a meticulous restoration of the facade facing Piazza Matteotti. In the 19th century, a peperino stone portal and a staircase were added to the entrance at Via S. Pancrazio to facilitate access to the Municipal Theatre, which was formerly housed in the current Council Chamber. However, the theatre was permanently closed in the 1940s, and the Council Chamber was built in its place during the 1960s. On the side facing Piazza Matteotti, visitors can admire the arch that connects the square to the street behind, Via S. Pancrazio, and the large loggia supported by the round arch underneath. Dating back to 1366, it was originally just a terrace, with the staircase added later and the roof in the 17th century. In the 16thcentury also the civic tower was restored. Numerous plaques related to events and people connected to the town, as well as an iron rod embedded in the facade as a unit of measurement to avoid disputes between citizens, can be observed on the building wall. Currently, the building houses various municipal offices.

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Piani degli Alpaca

Piani degli Alpaca

Piani degli Alpaca is the largest alpaca farm in Italy. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique and exciting experience.

Madonna di Valverde

Madonna di Valverde

The month of May is dedicated to the Madonna Santissima di Valverde, the Patron Saint of Tarquinia, to whom an ancient sanctuary in the town is dedicated.




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