The Beach

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Tarquinia Beach

It is located 5 km from Tarquinia and it provides accommodation for holiday homes and hotels. There are numerous restaurants, pizzerias, and beach resorts equipped with beach cabins and beach umbrellas. During the summer, music and theatre events are held here. The dark, iron-coloured beach resembles that of the island of Elba, and the seabed, typical of Lazio, combines sandy areas with caves and Mediterranean tapeweed, called Posidonia Oceanica. On Sunday mornings, a market, including a food market, takes place in Viale dei Tritoni. Numerous sports can be practised: sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, diving, volleyball and beach volleyball.

The Salt-works

The salt-works, which have prehistoric origins, played an important role during the Etruscan and Roman periods. The barbarian incursions of the Middle Ages caused production activity to decline, but it was resumed from the 15th century onwards. The Papal State’s interest in the facility grew over time, reaching its peak at the beginning of the 19th century when an extension project was launched with the consultancy of G. Lipari. Work, which began in 1803, was suspended after a short time due to legal disputes and was only completed in 1831. In the following years, the salt-works reached a high level of production, to the point that they soon represented one of the pillars of papal finances. Until the middle of the 19th century, the labour force, exclusively made up of convicts from the nearby prison of Porto Clementino, was supplemented by external workers to optimise production.

Marina Velca

Marina Velca Pian di Spille is a magnificent residential centre surrounded by lush nature located approximately 7 km from Tarquinia. It features swimming pools, tennis courts, and a golf course: inaugurated in 1968 as a ‘par 3’ course, it was later renovated and expanded to achieve a ‘par 35’ on the 9 holes with double starts. One of the most challenging and spectacular holes on the circuit is the ‘Hole 3,’ deserving special mention. Marina Velca Voltumna is a residential centre overlooking the sea (marina) with beach resorts, tennis courts, and swimming pools.

Porto Clementino

Revived in the Middle Ages as a landing place for illustrious men and valuable goods, it was restored several times, even by Pope Clement XII (1738, after whom it was named) and it also had a grain loader (1748). Connected to the navigability of the River Marta and the neighbouring salt-works, this landing place was abandoned (20th century), being superseded by that of Civitavecchia. Nearby are the towers of Corneto (in ruins) and that of plague victims (Torre degli Appestati).


The area includes a large stretch of free beach and is home to numerous campsites.
A portion of the area is reserved for the Italian Army’s shooting range.


This area is exclusively dedicated to bathing and is located about 9 km from the town towards Civitavecchia. It is a popular spot among underwater fishing enthusiasts due to its diverse and abundant seabed, mainly composed of rocky formations.

The Beaches







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Piani degli Alpaca

Piani degli Alpaca

Piani degli Alpaca is the largest alpaca farm in Italy. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique and exciting experience.

Madonna di Valverde

Madonna di Valverde

The month of May is dedicated to the Madonna Santissima di Valverde, the Patron Saint of Tarquinia, to whom an ancient sanctuary in the town is dedicated.




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