“Every detail had been crafted with utmost grace and a sense of pride in achieving… Churches, towers, bell towers, noble houses, arches, loggias and squares, everything responded to a graceful principle of harmony.”

Vincenzo Cardarelli





From Etruscan Tarkna to medieval Corneto, today’s Tarquinia offers visitors a perfect mix of different historical eras. A journey through time among the towers, churches, medieval walls, Etruscan UNESCO heritage sites and a magnificent sun that sets behind the sea every day, offering unique colours.

The Etruscans

Discover ancient artefacts in the National Archaeological Museum of Tarquinia, visit the Necropolis or take a walk in the countryside towards the ruins of the temple “Ara della Regina“.


Treasures of the Etruscans

The Etruscan people, renowned for their advanced civilization during the pre-Roman era, have bequeathed us a wealth of art, history, and culture. Tarquinia, the former Etruscan capital, is now recognized as a World Heritage Site for its stunning Necropolis and renowned painted tombs.

The Etruscan Necropolis

The Etruscan Necropolis of Monterozzi (dating from the end of the 7th century BC – mid 1st century B.C.) extends for about 5 km and is home to hundreds of painted tombs that have been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Located inside Palazzo Vitelleschi, the “Museo Archeologico Nazionale Tarquiniense” (National Archaeological Museum of Tarquinia) is spread over three floors and houses a vast collection of artefacts from the excavations, including some detached tombs and the magnificent “Cavalli Alati” (Winged horses).


There are several archaeological sites in the Tarquinia area.
These range from the marine areas of Gravisca and Porto Clementino to the Civita, the innermost plateau parallel to the Necropolis, which features the remains of the sanctuary of the “Ara della Regina“.

The Beach

Experience warm hospitality and graciousness while enjoying the serene and quiet environment of Tarquinia Lido, Marina Velca, Sant’Agostino, or the secluded Spinicci. These beautiful locations offer the perfect escape to unwind and be lulled by the soothing sound of the waves.


Relaxation by the Sea

Tarquinia’s coast offers a combination of long, sandy beaches and rugged cliffs, attracting families and sports enthusiasts alike. The area is known for its many attractions and provides the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday!

Tarquinia Lido

Tarquinia Lido’s fine beach is the perfect destination for those seeking relaxation, sports, and delicious seafood

Oasi delle Saline - The Salt-works

A visit to the ancient salt-works of Tarquinia, now a beautiful Nature Oasis, is a must at sunset.

Marina Velca

Marina Velca, with its tennis courts and golf courses, is among the most exclusive and refined destinations on the Tarquinia Riviera.

The Old Town

Come and explore the streets of Tarquinia, a town with a rich history spanning nine centuries, featuring churches, palaces, defence towers, and art.


The Charm of the Old Town

Enclosed by walls and towers, Tarquinia’s old town is a medieval gem. Walking through its narrow streets, visitors can admire Romanesque churches, 15th-century palaces, ancient fountains, and historic buildings with stunning views.


Tarquinia boasts numerous attractions, including finely decorated palaces, museums, and fountains to suit all tastes.


Tarquinia’s old town is home to several churches where Gothic-Romanesque religious architecture coexists with beautiful Baroque facades.


Tarquinia’s beautiful towers date back to medieval times. Defensive, sighting and service towers are among Tarquinia’s attractions.

The Countryside

Embark on a journey to discover the bucolic landscape of Maremma’s green woods of Roccaccia and gentle valleys of Farnesiana, where nature and traditions abound.


The countryside and Maremma

The beauty of Maremma in Lazio lies in its picturesque hilly countryside, which seamlessly transitions into lush green forests. Immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature of this historically and culturally rich land.

La Roccaccia

At La Roccaccia, also known as the ancient castle of Rocca Giorgii or Jorii, visitors can experience the revival of ancient agricultural traditions.

La Farnesiana

La Farnesiana, named after the Farnese family who established a farm there, is the location of the ancient archaeological site of Leopolis-Cencelle.


The Tarquinia area is traversed by two rivers: the River Marta, offering scenic nature trails, and the River Mignone, once the site of a mill.



In search of a great dining experience? Look no further than Tarquinia's old town centre, seaside restaurants, and charming farmhouses. Discover a comprehensive list of facilities that cater to all tastes!


Whether you're looking for a hotel, a bed and breakfast, or a flat, Tarquinia has the perfect solution to fit your requirements. Click to explore and discover the accommodation that suits you best!

Events and Traditions

Tarquinia offers an extensive variety of events all year round, catering to diverse interests and tastes

From art, culture, food and wine, to religious and agricultural traditions, Tarquinia's old town and seafront come alive with festivities from January to December.

Experience the excitement of these spectacular events!

Madonna di Valverde

The month of May is dedicated to the Madonna Santissima di Valverde, the Patron Saint of Tarquinia, to whom an ancient sanctuary in the town is dedicated.

Io pittore per caso

This artistic event is open to everyone and celebrates creativity and talent.

DiVino Etrusco

The fusion of wine and culture in Tarquinia is referred to as ‘DiVino Etrusco’.

Corpus Christi Flower Carpet

Along the streets of the city, paintings and floral carpets of considerable value are created during the Corpus Domini event.

Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

At Tarquinia Lido, the production of over 250 companies that produce agricultural machinery is presented every spring.

Procession of the Risen Christ

On Easter Sunday, the Procession of the “Christ running” is celebrated. The statue of the Risen Christ is carried through the streets of the city.

Saint Anthony Abbot and the Carnival

Tarquinia still preserves the tradition of celebrations dedicated to Sant’Antonio Abate, protector of animals.

Nativity Play

With the living nativity scene, the historic center of Tarquinia is transformed into a large open-air stage. More than 200 partecipants in costumes.

The “Merca”

The “Merca” is celebrated every year at the Roccaccia: the marking of the herds that live in the wild on the estates of the Agricultural University

Cardarelli Award

The Cardarelli prize is awarded to literary excellence. The “Meeting with the Author” is the most awaited event in the city.


Piani degli Alpaca

Piani degli Alpaca

Piani degli Alpaca is the largest alpaca farm in Italy. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique and exciting experience.

Madonna di Valverde

Madonna di Valverde

The month of May is dedicated to the Madonna Santissima di Valverde, the Patron Saint of Tarquinia, to whom an ancient sanctuary in the town is dedicated.




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